Improving Your Lifestyle with Essential Oils

If you are aiming to have a healthier life and one that is free from stress, you must add an activity that will help you detoxify all of those stressful things that prevents you from living the life that you’ve always wanted. One of the most helpful therapies that you can try taking advantage of is Aromatherapy.

aromatherapy scentsWhen it comes to shifting your lifestyle, you should opt for something that can give a positive effect in your life. You should look for a way on how you can get that peace and relaxation that you deserve to have after a full time shift at work or even after a usual busy day at your own store. Your health matters and that is basically what Aromatherapy and essential oils can offer you.

Aromatherapy makes use of essential oils which are beneficial to the skin and oils which promotes overall health. You can make use of various aromatic scents which can either be diffused in the air or can as well be directly applied to external parts of your body. These essential oils provides a synergistic effect to allow the body to experience relaxation and calmness. It gives that aromatic and therapeutic sensation to the brain that can soothe both your mind and body.

The most popular essential oils that can benefit your health includes chamomile, lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, cinnamon, tea tree and other oils that are known for promoting overall health to a person. If you opt to make use of a diffuser (you can find excellent reviews to choose the best one at, you can enjoy the aromatic and relaxing experience that these oils can offer through the mist being distributed to the air by this device. On the other hand, if you want to get external body relaxation such as when you go to a spa, you can opt for essential oils good for body massage.

You don’t really have to engage in this therapeutic activity all the time. You just have to give yourself some time to relax and calm you body and mind. You just need at least 5 minutes to experience the aromatic change that these essential oils can do for your body and mind. There is no harm in trying to go through this type of therapy as often as you can.

Aromatherapy is one of the best therapeutic options that you can opt for when it comes to detoxifying and relaxing. Do not allow yourself to be overwhelmed with all the work that you do at home or in the office. Allow yourself to have more time to rest and loosen up. There are various ways on how you can find some relaxing activities so you can do away with nerve-racking activities. Start living a healthy and less stressful life from now on.


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Does Online Learning Work?

Being that many of us spend a lot of time online (guilty!) then it seems only natural that if we want to learn something, we turn to the internet. It doesn’t matter whether it how to play the piano, how to use your new bumper pool table or how to speak Chinese, there are online resources to help you do this. But do they really work?


E-Learning is the term used most often in connection with formal education online and the type of learning that is used by businesses as well. It has the obvious advantage of being more cost effective and flexible than traditional methods but the fear is that the learner doesn’t take things in well over the computer.

Studies have shown that in reality, the speed of learning when using E-learning can be 25% faster than from a book. The other advantage is that there are different ways of learning online as opposed to just reading from a book. Some people don’t learn well this way but if shown an instructional video or a series of diagrams, this may suit their learning style better.


Away from the more formal types of learning, it is also possible to learn a new hobby online. One aspect that is becoming ever more popular is learning a musical instrument. Often people have the urge but don’t have the money to invest in the lessons or can’t get to a teacher. Therefore, they are turning to the online world and these people are showing that it is possible to learn an instrument online.

One of the best resources for this can be YouTube, which has a definite educational value aside from all the funny snippets and clips of people’s holidays. There are loads of instructional videos available that show real people doing what you are trying to do and showing you how they do it.

There are also dedicated websites that can help learning an instrument or even just learning to read music. There are many guides available that take you through things step by step so there is always something for every learning style.


Similarly, to learning an instrument or other hobby, you can learn the basics of a sport online. Of course, you may still need to invest in the equipment but even then, there are some very realistic online games that allow you to get the feel for the game. Pool is one example where there are countless resources, from wikiHow instructions to pieces produced by professionals to teach the basics and YouTube is always available. There are also a lot of good free online games as well as apps that allow you to learn the basics, which, while not giving you the feel of a cue hitting a ball, will help you, learn the rules of the game.

The great thing about online learning is that there is something to suit every style. Whether you are a read a report type person or a watch a video type person, online courses can deliver their content to you in a way that best suits your learning style.

Growing A Beard in Modern Times

cool mustachioed dudeLet’s face it, men are also entitled to their own vain fantasies. Either they want to make themselves look like their favorite Hollywood actor or they would like to be that unique person that other people can look up to, it doesn’t matter. As long as they feel happy with how they look like and how appealing it is for women, men will surely try to go through a make over.

One of the most popular male grooming activities that men consider nowadays is growing a beard. Men find this fascinating especially when they want to shift from a typical boy-next-door look to a badass looking guy. Most men would want to appear tougher than they usually look to the girls they like and they take time to grow beard to make them look this way. Although in the old times some would refer to growing beard as a dirty look, however nowadays it’s referred to as a cool and tough look for men.

Growing Beard Nowadays

It’s not that challenging to grow beard nowadays. You can learn how to grow a beard in different ways and at the same time maintain a certain facial hair length that you prefer. If you find it challenging to grow beard at a certain period of time, you can take advantage of various beard or facial hair growth products available over-the-counter.

Tools to Consider

If you are growing beard and you want to maintain a certain length for that facial hair, you will want to make use of a beard trimmer. Trimming your beard can be challenging if you were to use just a pair of scissors or the usual shaving blade that you use. With this trimming tool, you can easily outline the shape of the beard you want depending on your facial structure and start trimming your beard evenly without having to worry about leaving scars on your face.

Aside from trimming your beard on a regular basis, you will also have to consider keeping it clean through washing it regularly with the usual shampoo and hair conditioner to keep it smooth and soft.

Growing a beard nowadays is not at all challenging if you know how to maintain the cleanliness of your growing facial hair and you have the right tools to use to keep your beard at its perfect shape all the time. If you are considering growing a beard today, make sure you have your grooming tool handy to help you with your regular routine in maintaining that perfect look for your facial hair.

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What’s going on in the world of camping gear?

Camping gear sees more and more innovations every year. From increasingly efficient and lightweight synthetic sleeping bag fill, to the crazy camping stove PLUS oven combo, there is always something new to be seen. While good equipment should last you years, if you find yourself at the point where your bag, tent, or lantern is coming up on 20 years of use and could do with a replacement, it’s a good idea to look around for the newest, latest, and best camping gear.

best camping gearWe’ll focus on the latest craze from Treeline Outdoors – roof-top tents.

Just like the name suggests, these are specially designed tents that are supposed to go on the roof of your vehicle, elevating you from the ground, and taking up minimal footprint thanks to the vehicle already underneath it. Obviously, this takes ‘car camping’ to a whole new level.

These are fairly expensive, coming in at between $800 and $1400, but are insanely cool and comfortable. Imagine the peace of mind and sense of security you’d get from sleeping atop your Jeep or truck?

Of course, if you’ve got a larger family or if this doesn’t really suit your camping tastes, you can always check the reviews over at AdvenSport for the latest and greatest tents on the market, complete with some handy reviews and an interactive chart of the top picks.


New Hunting Technological Advances in 2014

Almost every facet of our life is now dominated by new technology, and this includes some of the most advanced hunting gear ever created. 2014 continues to be shaping up to be a great year for hunters of all types with changes to everything from clothing and footwear to advanced optics and GPS devices. Here is a closer look at a few of the leading products and how they are helping to revolutionize this pastime.

Camouflaged Wide-Range Cams

Both live and recorded cameras have become a major component of hunting, especially when it comes to seasonal prey or more difficult quary. Unfortunately, this technology has not seen many advances over the years, but this has all changed recently. Camouflaged wide-range cams offer hunters a variety of new features that will help them on their next trip. Wide-range cams are especially important as their field often expands up to 150 degrees or more for a better view of movement and game trails.

Multi-Direction Traction Boots

It may not seem like footwear for hunting and hiking has had many improvements in the recent past, but this has all changed with four-way traction. The concept of multi-directional traction has been around for years, but combined with Gore-Tex material and durable outer layers, it makes it a perfect option for a hunter. The traction on these boots has been designed to help hunters create a stable platform on any surface that will maximize their shooting efficiency.

Mated Optics

Long range hunting has increased in popularity and this means that a dramatic shift in hunting optics like those for the AR-15 and hunting scopes needed to take place. Modern mated-optics combines the advantages of both high-end scopes and laser-assisted scopes for maximum efficiency and accuracy. These optics are multi-purpose tools and will help by lowering one’s hunting load, improving target acquisition speed, and eliminating user error.

Angle-Compensated Rangefinders

Much like mated optics have transformed long range hunting, angle-compensated rangefinders are another powerful tool for a hunter. Traditional rangefinders were very simplistic with a simple dot reticle and the ability to gauge the range with line-of-sight technology. Modern rangefinders, on the other hand, can be used in conjunction with the best & most powerful optics to assist hunters that are shooting at odd ranges or a more difficult angle, often affecting trajectory and bullet drop. You can check out a great example of one of these below.


GPS Animal Locator

For those that are hunting smaller game or bird hunting, few things will improve the experience as a much as a well-trained hunting dog. Even with all of the training a dog undergoes, however, accidents and miscalculations can take place mid-hunt. GPS animal locators begin with an extremely precise collar that is linked to a handheld GPS unit. With new products being released throughout 2014, these handheld devices will help hunters know if their companion is running, sitting, or treeing an animal and can be tied to upwards of 9 dogs over a 10 mile area.

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What Your Dog Needs to Stay Safe This Summer

Summertime has unofficially shown up in most of the parts of the world. Dogs usually enjoy summer season and all the interesting things it brings with it. Nevertheless, summer can present certain risks to dogs.

dog beach

It is necessary to take care of your dog in this season as this is the season when most dog-owners line up with their dogs in hospitals. Here is what you will need to keep your dog safe in summer season:

Hot Paws

Walkways, sand, streets and other surface areas can be really hot in the summer season. Dogs’ paws are delicate and might burn quickly when they are in touch with a surface that has been heated in the sun for long.


Dogs are prone to getting sunburn. It is necessary to restrict the long-term sun exposure. In addition to that, seawater is not safe for dogs to drink, so make sure that you have freshwater available for your dog. Water with conditions like jellyfish or excess sea lice can make swimming in water risky for the dog. Wash the sand and salt off the fur of your dog, after you have returned from the beach.


You might want to shave your with an intention to keep him cool in the summer. This is not at all recommended. Dogs’ fur protect them from heat. They also protect their skin from sunburns and cancer of the skin. However, you should always trim your dog’s hair if they are getting excessively long.

Never leave your pet inside a parked car

Temperature levels inside the parked car can reach 120 degrees within a couple of minutes. This is certainly lethal for the dog.

Offer lots of cool water and change it frequently all through the day

A dog could refuse to consume water if it is too warm. Try adding ice cubes. This might help keep water cool.

Provide appropriate shade

A tree or possibly a tarpaulin will work best for shade and appropriate air flow. Make certain that you have the shade available throughout the day. A dog home is certainly not a good choice for shade as it has lesser ventilation. This will only make the condition worse.

Check the humidity levels

High humidity often makes it difficult for the animal to cool itself.

Make sure that the dog is not over exerted

Dogs will need to exercise even when it is summer. A cooler morning or night is the best time to allow them to exercise.

Know indications of heat stroke

Some of the symptoms of heat stroke include unconsciousness, seizure, a deep red or purple tongue, vomiting, profuse salivation, lack of coordination, dizziness, fever, lethargy, excessive thirst, difficulty breathing, a rapid heartbeat, glazed eyes, and heavy panting.

If your dog is showing many of these symptoms, take immediate measures to cool him down. Move him to a cooler area and offer him cool water to drink. You can also use water soaked towels on his body and later take him to a vet.

If you have a wireless dog fence, make sure it is working properly

Wireless fence systems allows you to keep your dog within the boundaries decided by you. Since the winters are gone and your dog will be spending more time outdoors, make sure that the wireless fence system you have is working properly. Check for more information and recommendations.

Higher temperature could translate into more visits to the vet. The best way to keep your dog healthy in summer is to have him checked thoroughly by a trained vet every month. This makes sure that there is nothing happening with your dog that you don’t know.

Using a little common sense goes a long way when it comes to keeping your dog safe in summer. If something doesn’t seem to be safe for you, then it is probably not safe for your dog too. Enjoy the sun.

The Best Athletic Shoes to Wear While Camping

Spring is headed our way finally after a pretty wicked winter filled with ice storms and record breaking low temperatures. To me and my family that means camping! When it’s time to camp, it’s time to get camping equipment and supplies. One area of importance that is often overlooked is the athletic shoes needed to camp safely and comfortably.

There are several factors that need to be considered when deciding which type of athletic shoes to bring along on your trip. The first being what type of activities you plan to do while camping. Certain factors that should be considered are environmental factors or different types of terrain. You will want to bring different athletic shoes with you if there isn’t one pair that will fulfill all your needs. It is better to be prepared than not.

Next up on the list is sizing. As with most types of shoes, you should always buy at least a half size up, but possibly a whole size depending on the athletic shoe you have or are intending to purchase. The reason this is suggested is because your feet may swell from walking, climbing or hiking activities that you may participate in during your camping trip. It is advisable to try on many different pairs of shoes and make sure that you find a pair that feels comfortable. It is a good idea to walk around the store a bit or even jump around to feel the impact that hiking or rocking climbing may have should you choose to do those activities during your hike. Don’t forget to bring the socks you intend to wear during your camping trip while trying on your new shoes as well. You’ll want to get a good feel of what your shoes will feel like on the day of your camping trip.

It is also very important to consider if the athletic shoe you are using for your camping trip is waterproof, especially if you are camping during the rainy season. Wet feet are not very conducive to a pleasant camping trip and can actually leave you open for trouble with getting sick or skin issues. Having waterproof athletic shoes on will surely protect you from mud, wet leaves and any other wet debris that you might encounter while camping as well.

Durability is one of the most important things to consider when selecting an athletic shoe to wear while you are camping. Try to consider a shoe that will be comfortable, that will suite the activity you decide to do and will hold up during good and bad weather. You will also want to consider the type of material the shoe is made of on the inside and the outside. An athletic shoe with a thick, rubberized sole is ideal for almost all terrains. Finding a shoe that is made of breathable materials so that your feet do not get too hot is very important as well. One thing to consider that is often missed is a possible warranty that may be included with the purchase of your athletic shoes.


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Baseball: Where Tradition Trumps Technology

baseball bats softballBaseball is a game of tradition. It’s a game where tradition often trumps practicality, convenience and in many cases technology. Technology is having an impact on all sports in a variety of different ways. For the player, technology is improving to create lighter and higher performance equipment. Look at baseball bats for example which have become lighter over the years while carrying more explosive ‘pop’. Shoes have become lighter and more flexible to allow athletes to run faster. Technology has improved player safety, providing better protective gear. Technology has allowed players to receive better medical treatment where doctors no longer need to guess what might be wrong. And finally, technology has allowed officials to make sure they are making the right call. Some sports have embraced it, such as tennis, while others, like baseball have done everything they can to avoid it.

Let’s consider that two different leagues exist within Major League Baseball known as the National League and the American League. What was originally two separate leagues, eventually merged to create Major League Baseball however, the differences in rules between the two leagues remained unchanged. The American League for example has a designated hitter who hits for the pitcher while the National League makes it mandatory for pitchers to hit. Would it not be easier to conform to one set of rules? Even the strike zones are different among the leagues.

Oddly enough even softball, has two separate associations which govern co-ed leagues and competitive leagues alike.

Because the tradition of American’s favorite pastime is so strong, what seems like a simple change is actually extremely challenging. So as you can imagine, the thought of taking away the umpire and replacing the umpire with a sensor whom is never wrong, is an idea which will get you kicked out of some circles among baseball.

In 2010, Armando Gallaraga pitched an almost perfect game. He had recorded 26 outs and was one away from recording what is a very rare occurrence in baseball. As the 27th batter grounded to first base, the runner was clearly a step behind the ball meaning he should have been called “out,” and Gallaraga would be recorded and go down in history with a perfect game. Instead, the umpire made a mistake and instead called the runner safe, essentially ruining the perfect game. Was the technology there to prevent it? Yes. Was it used? No. Why? Tradition.

How many more perfect games, home runs, and plays at the plate need to be called incorrectly before Major League Baseball decides to replace umpires with technology? Today, even balls and strikes can be called by technology which would in my opinion make the game a better overall product. It’s time for baseball to join the technology age and use what’s available to enhance what is already a beautiful game.

Survivalist Lifestyle in the USA

Why Survivalism?

A survivalist lifestyle in the U.S. means taking pro-active precautions and preparations for macro scale emergencies. Such emergencies would result in catastrophic disruptions in the established sociopolitical and economic order.

Simply put, survivalists are preparing for the collapse of society either due to natural disasters, economic failures, global pandemics or terrorist acts by gathering and storing materials like food, water, gear, self defense items (think sharp survival knives or hunting knives).

Natural Disasters

Most survivalists prepare primarily for natural disasters of epic proportions like blizzards, solar storms, floods, earthquakes and tsunamis. The preparations of survivalists include stockpiling food and water, undertaking medical training, learning self-defense techniques, purchasing guns and ammunition and learning engineering skills in order to re-build structures. Many survivalists have gone as far as building underground bunkers in order to survive such apocalyptic events.

Many survivalists fear that there is a small cabal of power brokers that runs the world’s affairs in a conspiratorial manner. These survivalists believe that such a cabal would never notify the public in case of a pending devastating solar storm, tsunami, alien invasion etc.

Do It Yourself – DIY

So, survivalists take it upon themselves to prepare for these worst case scenarios. Most survivalists have adopted the “DIY” motto which means Do It Yourself. They understand that it is not prudent to rely on government officials to provide disaster relief aid and that anyone who seeks power is likely not a trustworthy person.

On the surface, the actions of survivalists appear to be extraordinarily paranoid. But once you dig deeper, you may find yourself becoming a bit of a conspiracy theorist and begin to side with the survivalists. After all, what harm is there in preparing for a potential country wide or global disaster?

Survivalists are learning valuable skills and storing food and supplies that can be used as barter in case currencies or banks collapse. These actions actually seem quite prudent when you give them some serious consideration. If you have ever had your power out for a week due to inclement weather then you have experienced how much we take for granted in terms of electricity that provides hot water and will heat up our food.

A Way of Life

Survivalists also break behavior patterns that would hamper their lives in the event of a disaster. These behavior patterns include watching television, eating processed foods, depending on alcohol and cigarettes and general consumerism. By ditching these bad behaviors, survivalists are preparing themselves for a simple and easily maintainable lifestyle.

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Weird Skin Care Gadgets: Do they Really Work?

We cover all kinds of gadgets on our blog. Most of the time, we talk about gadgets and gizmos in the entertainment realm – TVs, computers, video games, that kind of thing. Today, though, we wanted to chat with you about a few of the weird skin care gadgets out there. We’ll cover a few in detail, but we’ll also be talking about them in general because we think it’s such an incredibly weird phenomenon.

So, if you haven’t seen in the recent years (or if you’ve been dead, since we don’t know how you could have missed it), the skin care market has become increasingly flooded with weird gadgets. Some are totally absurd. I mean really absurd. And it’s obvious to most people with a little bit of common sense that these absurd gadgets have never worked and are instead very elaborate marketing ploys to extort money out of a complacent populace.

Some, though… some of these crazy things actually work. And, really, it’s something we at Stop SPP didn’t even want to admit. I mean, what self-respecting skeptic and tech geek wants to admit that rubbing a radio-wave-emitting magic wand over your face can help reduce bags under your eyes? We certainly didn’t, so it was almost painful (and funny) when a few of these damned things actually worked.

Before I tell you which ones worked, I should tell you that our round of product testing was a bit nostalgic for me. Why? Well, when I was a teenager, I was really just a dork who stayed in my room building computers. I had a few friends, but they were also dorks who stayed in their rooms building computers. I wasn’t anti-social, really. I actually did like hanging out with people. I was just shy, and it certainly didn’t help that I had acne. If you’ve never had acne, one of the things you may not understand is the weird effect it has on your personality – namely that you’re always just moderately embarrassed to be seen by anyone, which makes it hard to hang out with anyone except your good friends. Even after I got my breakouts under control, I usually still had dark spots.

Anyway, the point is: this stuff hits close to home, because while there’s usually no absolute cure for acne. I would have given my right pinky toe to get my hands on anything that could have made it even a little bit better.

That’s why I was shocked, amazed and even a bit sad (sad because I didn’t have these a decade ago) to find out a few of these wacky products actually worked. Which ones?

First, the Dermawand. The Dermawand is a weird magic wand that tightens your skin and pores via radio waves. Seriously. And (again, seriously), it actually works. It works better for people with less fat in their face, but it really does work. It’s great for older folks with sagging skin or for younger people who tend to have large pore openings that get clogged.

The other one was the No No Skin. This is an electric, laser, skin spot treatment thingy. Really, we have no idea how it works, but again, against all odds, the damned thing works.

There are plenty of other products out there, but if you don’t take anything else away from this piece, it should be that skin care technology is taking a turn for the awesome.

How To Get The Best Deal on a Gun Safe

A gun safe can be one of the most important purchases you ever make as a gun owner. A number of preventable gun accidents can be mitigated with the proper purchase and committed use of a gun safe. Though some safes are expensive, there are plenty of deals to be found on both new and used gun safes. Below are a few tips on finding such deals.gun safe

Determine Your Needs:

The success of your purchase of any type of firearm security device including gun safes is greatly enhanced when one takes into account proper considerations. Some of the things you may want to consider which affect the prices are:

  • How large of a gun safe do you need?
  • What types of guns will you be storing?
  • How long do you plan on owning this safe?
  • Do you want a key-pad, dial, or bio-metric (fingerprint) activation system?

Conducting proper research and making informed decisions will save you time and money. Now on to where the best deals can be found.

New Safes:

If you decide to purchase a new gun safe a trip to a sporting goods store may be in your future. Most national sporting goods chains, such as: “Bass Pro Shop,” “Gander Mountain,” and “Dick’s Sporting Goods” offer a wide variety of gun safes including the biometric versions. Before visiting any chain store be sure to check their websites for upcoming and on-going deals. Most chains offer coupons by registering with their website. Registering with websites may not be particularly appealing, but a potential savings of 10% – 20% may change your mind. Web based stores such as “Amazon” can be an attractive option when free shipping is offered. Stores such as “Lowes” and “Home Depot” sell safes as well. Coupons and sales occur frequently at these national chains and occur like clock-work (Labor Day Sale, Black Friday Sale, etc). The price range for a new gun safe is approximately:

  • Small Safe: $30 to $200+
  • Large Safe: $200 to $2,000+

*Please note a $200 large gun safe will afford you the most basic of models designed to keep children out.

Used Safes:

If you have decided to purchase a used safe there are many resources available. With websites such as “Craigslist”, “Backpage”, or “eBay”, finding a deal on a used gun safe has never been easier. In most cases these safes are up to 50% off what can be found new in a store. Also, some sellers may allow you to trade items in lieu of a cash purchase. Understandably some people may shy from buying anything used. Keep in mind you do not need to be an expert in determining if a gun safe is in proper working order.

  • Does the safe close/lock? Test the safes function at least 3-times before purchase.
  • Does the safe appear to be damaged (drill marks, torch marks, dents, etc.)?

Good luck in your new purchase. Again, the most important addition to any gun collection is that of a good gun safe. It’s always important to consider where you will be storing the safe, and make sure you have selected a safe that will contain a firearm of the appropriate size as well as finding a secure place in your home to store it.

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Fishing Technology: Catching Fish With a Fish Finder

Have you ever had one of those times where you just can’t get a bite? You try all your preferred baits, lures, and techniques & still nothing and you start to ask yourself where all the fish are! Even the most knowledgeable fishermen have been left wondering what & where to attempt next.


Don’t worry – there’s a tool which is a guaranteed way of putting you right on the tail of your next big catch. A great piece of technology to help you get the most out of fishing. We’ve put together a short article here on one of the fish’s worst enemies – the fish finder.

A fish finder is a general term for an electronic device which uses sound navigation ranging (SONAR) to give a picture of underwater. It will not sketch you a map where to discover fish but it enables you to choose if a place is a great spot for fishing or not. Fish finders come in a range of sizes from wrist watch size units to gadgets that need to be installed on your boat.

How do fish finders work?

It is best to cover some basics first to better comprehend how fish finders work.

A fish finder delivers audio waves through water. At the reference, these audio waves are narrow & progressively expand to form a cone. This is generally known as a beam. When the beam confronts something “unique” (a solid item including a fish or a pond bottom), it bounces back, returning to the fish finder transducer that turn those minute reflections into a picture you can understand on the display.

Several of the more advanced fish finding devices contain more than one beam so you will get a better picture of what’s occurring below the water and a typical direction of the fish where they are (right, left, back, and front). A broader cone will provide you a broader coverage area & is therefore more suitable over a filter cone for shallower waters.

If you are a leisurely fisherman, you may not require having double, triple or side beam choices. On the other hand, if you usually go on fishing visits to different places you might want the comfort of having those choices to fall back on.

Suggestion: If you aren’t sure the number of beams you will need later on, why not select a design that can be upgraded along the way as you find out what performs best for you?

If fish successfully pass under a finder’s beam, it usually shows up as an “arch” – that is how the unprocessed sound navigation ranging comes back from fish generally looks like. With time & experience, you will be capable of telling what type of fish is in the area based on the type of pictures you receive from a fish finder. For instance, slow moving fish will usually have wider arches, while very quick swimmers will look more like a marked arch.

A few of the more innovative fish finders have software to take the anxiety out of interpreting sound navigation ranging readings by showing a fish symbol in lieu of an arch. It is totally up to you to choose if this is a thing you truly need. Some fishers actually choose the task of interpreting sound navigation ranging returns.

If you’re interested in learning more, go here to check out how to use a fish finder.

The Technology of Cats

Litter RobotGone are the days of dirty jobs like cleaning the cat litter every other day. Gone are the smells, inconveniences, and work involved with keeping the litter box clean. With technological advances litter boxes have taken on a whole new look. From ones that clean themselves to ones that alert you when it is time for changing, there are many new styles and features to try out as you search for the best automatic litter box that is right for you and your cat.

 How Technology Has Helped

Some litter boxes allow for unique entry and cleaning features that help keep odors down and reduced the number of times the litter needs to be changed. Technology has helped with the development of new and improved litter formulations that help trap odors and waste making it easier and more convenient to take care of this less than glamorous chore.

Other litter box designs feature self cleaning automation so instead of you having to scoop and clean the box the litter box does it for you. All that you have to do is empty the main bin every so often and replace the litter with fresh litter when it gets low. This system is great for owners who have more than one cat as it cuts down on the daily and weekly litter cleaning chore.

 Sometimes No Litter Due to Advancements

Litter boxes do not always have to have loose gravel. Some systems are designed so that instead of litter there are litter pads. These pads have specially formulated crystals that absorb odors and waste and reduce the number of cleaning that are needed day to day. Changing these types of litter boxes is super easy because all you do is disconnect the litter pad, toss it, and put in a new one. No more bags of litter and no more worrying about litter pieces getting all over the house! This is one of the easiest systems in term of litter removal that is out there.

 You Can Use Your Own Household Plumbing System

There are litter boxes that even hook up to the household water and waste system. These high end litter boxes clean the gravel, which is biodegradable and flushable, and disposes of it for you. The system rakes out the dirty litter and dumps it for you and then actually hoses out the litter box to make sure it stays nice and clean. Some of these high end litter boxes will even refill the litter for you so long as the bin is kept full of litter. These are some of the best automatic litter boxes out there!

Cat GenieIt is amazing to think that just a few years ago, the only option for litter boxes was a pan with litter gravel in it. Now there are so many other amazing options that are available. Check out some of the newest advance in litter box technology and see how much easier this aspect of cat care can be! Find the best automatic litter box today and take the worry and hassle out of your life and spend more time enjoying your furry feline friend.


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Latest December Tech News

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Last news update we did was for November, so watch for more interesting stuff coming up.

Tech and Lifestyle News for November

Amazon recently announced that they are rolling out Sunday shipping to select cities around the US as a special offer on some items. The new shipping option will be available for a number of items, the list for which shall be coming out soon on the Amazon website. Prime members can select this new option for free, which means you could order something on Friday and pick it up on Sunday.

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The US Postal Service will be handling the Sunday deliveries.

Currently Amazon plans on rolling the feature out on November 17 in

  • New York, and
  • Los Angeles (and the surrounding areas),

but have plans to target 4 other major cities in the new year.

This move positions Amazon even higher atop the online shopping hierarchy. With such a large customer base and massive operations, Amazon can afford to do things like this by cooperating with the USPS. They are leveraging their huge size to move themselves even farther ahead of any competitors. When you need something right away, you buy it from Amazon, with even more options starting on the 17th.

Offering all sorts of things from bathroom gadgets to bedroom items to outdoor clothing and gear, Amazon has it all, usually at the best price you can find anywhere.

This move also helps the USPS, who are expected to run a massive deficit this year. All in all, this is a good move for consumers and potentially even the economy in general.

If you’re in the market for a bit of camping gear, head on over to Amazon to enjoy the savings and great shipping.

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